Everyone Blinks at the Same Pace ~ 3.14.09, my writing

Sitting. Knees bent. Legs crossed. Feet dangling off the seat.

Within a metal contraption that seems to speed with no regard to the possible animals that could easily be ahead.

Hopefully they feel the vibrations of the tracks before its too late.

Watching the naked trees, completely bare, robbed of everything. Nothing to show off its past beauty as they wish for spring to revive them. To bring a rush of vitality through their roots and through their branches.

They wait for their leaves to grow and flowers to bloom while the billets on the lifeless ground can do nothing, not even become petrified to stay forever.

It shall all wilt away with no one to know that it had be there in a life span of any creature that lives upon this planet.

We all pass by the same row of houses.



one another.

Familiarity being the corner stone for comfort.

Still I wonder how if everything is the same, can one live happily and not just contently?

There could never be any differentiation between houses or between people.

Sagacity would be easily lost.

A constant repetition, never a change within the daily routine of waking up to the same hypocrisy of life. Thinking everything is safer if nothing changes. Is it really safer with the same perspective? The same view?

 What if you look elsewhere or blink faster or even blink slower?

Yes, what if? Try it!




                                                         Do it, change it.



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